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1 in 5 people experience a Mental health issue

This World Mental Health Day, join a community that talks about mental well-being and is inclusive of people from different walks of life.

World Health Organization (WHO) Says

'By 2030, the biggest mental health risk on earth will be Depression.'
Did you know that a
Healthy Lifestyle
reduces Depression?
WHO says

‘My Mental Health, My Priority’ is inspired by the 2022 World Mental Health Day and more specifically by the related theme ‘Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority’. This campaign envisions sensitizing people towards the growing need to prioritize mental health and is a step to deepen the commitment we should have towards our mental well-being. 

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
- Albus Dumbledore



The idea behind the campaign is to remove all barriers and embrace a culture where it’s absolutely normal for people to be vocal about mental health and there is no stigma attached when it comes to seeking help.



Mental health is often overlooked and disregarded due to low awareness. We aim to promote the message of mental health and well-being among all and create an impact through meaningful messages around mental health advocacy, education, and awareness.



The efforts and energies of this initiative are geared towards empowering and training the Alphas and driving meaningful interactions to create more awareness and acceptance so that people can lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Your first step to
Mental Well-being
begins here

01st - 09th October

Thrive with a Community that cares

  • Connect with a close-knit community on Telegram 

  • Share your experiences and learn from others

  • Understand Mental health & well-being

  • Engage in fun challenges and activities

10th October
Celebrate World Mental Health Day
  • Celebrate THE day with our wellness experts.

  • Discover the secrets to mental health and well-being

  • Learn insights into living a happier, healthier life

11th - 31st October
Break the cycle of self-blame, take action
  • Become vocal about your mental health & well-being

  • Join the 21-day practice for daily mental hygiene 

  • Enroll in live mentoring sessions with the experts

Interested to volunteer for the campaign?
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WAI is a Presidential-award winning team having prowess in personality research with a vision to elevate the mental well-being and happiness quotient of civilization.

Meet The Minds


Jyot Rekhi

Founder & COO

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Nirmal Topiwala

Advisor & Growth Enabler


Suman Sahu

Social Media Strategist

Wellness Partners

Mrs Jasbir Kaur - 2_edited_edited_edited

Mrs. Jasbir Kaur


Deepak Varma

Wellness & Behavioral Consultant
Director L&D at WAI

Founder at Technospirit Consultancy

Supporting Partners

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