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1 in 5 people experience a Mental health issue

This Mental Health Awareness Month, become part of a community that fosters discussions on mental wellness and is inclusive of individuals from all walks of life.

World Health Organization (WHO) Says

'By 2030, the biggest mental health risk on earth will be Depression.'
YOU have
the POWER to prevent 
Mental HEALTH issues!
WHO says

Inspired by this year's Mental Health Awareness Month theme "Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World," our campaign focuses entirely on YOU!

Through eye-opening sessions grounded in the latest research, we're here to guide you in becoming your own strongest supporter (than your toughest critic).


Join us as we highlight the importance of mental health with fresh insights & practical tips, and take the first step toward a brighter, healthier future.

Your first step to
Mental Well-being
begins here

03rd May
Thrive with a Community that cares
  • Connect with a close-knit community on WhatsApp 

  • Share your experiences and learn from others

  • Understand Mental health & well-being

  • Engage in fun challenges and activities

10th May
Celebrate World Mental Health Day
  • 1st May: you will receive invitation to join our whatsapp group by email.

  • 3rd May: The campaign begins with a 60 minutes interactive workshop where you will gain valuable insights into,

  • Understanding Mental health in a simplified and interactive approach

  • The 4 Zones of Mental Health Continuum

  • Identifying early signs of distress and potential depression

  • Building Bridges: Creating Support system at home & workplace

  • Personal stories: to foster empathy, connection, & mutual support among all the attendees.

  • 10th May: Decoding Personality and its role in mental wellbeing

  • 11 to 31 May:  We will take you through through 21 days of self-care practices grounded in the latest research by wellness experts, guiding you in becoming your own strongest supporter (than your toughest critic). This will involve 4 weekly interactive sessions.

11th - 31st May
Self-Compassion MakesYouStrong|Mental hygiene
  • Become vocal about your mental health & well-being

  • Join the 21-day practice for daily mental hygiene 

  • Enroll in live mentoring sessions with the experts

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WAI is a Presidential-award winning team having prowess in personality research with a vision to elevate the mental well-being and happiness quotient of civilization.


Mrs Jasbir Kaur - 2_edited_edited_edited

Mrs. Jasbir Kaur


Jyot Rekhi

Wellness & Behavioral Consultant
Director L&D at WAI


Meet Our MiND Engineers

20220204_224035 - Deepali Mehta.jpg

Deepali Mehta

Founder - DEESHA

Document from Jyot Rekhi_edited.png

Dr Shweta Jain

Bridging Sanskrit with Mental Wellness

Screenshot_20240410-201540_Photos - Rutuja Khot_edited.jpg

Rutuja Khot


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Discover snapshots from our 2022 mental health campaign, where individuals and organizations from over 9 countries came together with a shared goal of prioritizing mental health worldwide.

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Join Our Community

At WMH, we believe that mental wellness is a journey best traveled together. Join us and be part of a dynamic community dedicated to fostering mental wellness through collaborative engagement & support.

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Leading Others Starts With Leading Yourself
The Global Community for Mental Health is now open...
Connect with us to know more about it!

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